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March 25, 2019


John Caldwell of Nesbit announced today that he will be seeking the office of Transportation Commissioner in the 33-county Northern District. Caldwell has qualified for the August Republican Primary Election.

“From Alligator to Sturgis and Amory to Friars Point, folks from small communities much like mine have many of the same concerns, hopes and dreams,” John Caldwell explained, “Our campaign can be summed up in four words, BETTER ROADS = BETTER JOBS.”

In 1996 John became the first county supervisor elected as a Republican in Desoto County. As a two-term county supervisor and former board president, John demonstrated effective leadership which transformed real infrastructure investment into record economic growth and job creation. County roads were built and improved across the county, which included the fastest-growing areas, as well as some previously neglected areas of the county. The results were remarkable.

John chose not to run for a third term as a county supervisor, and to seek the commissioner’s position in 2003, but activation orders took him from the campaign trail to the battlefields of Iraq. In the 2011 Special Election John finished first in a large field of strong candidates, but during the runoff was again called to duty overseas, this time in Morocco as Commanding Officer African Lion 2011.

John retired from the Marine Corps Reserve in 2013 as a Colonel. “Retiring after 32 years of leading Marines has more than prepared me to seek out additional challenges and new areas of service,” Caldwell said. “Serving the family, friends and neighbors that I love across North Mississippi would be a great honor and privilege.”

Since retiring from the Marine Corps, John has remained active on the state’s Republican Executive Committee and helped numerous Republican campaigns. His wife, Lee is serving her second term as the first woman elected as a Desoto County Supervisor.

From 2003 until 2017 John led the state’s largest and fastest growing school district transportation department with 400 employees 435 buses, transporting 18,000 students daily over 2 million road miles per year. He also served as the district’s Chief Emergency Management Officer developing the Safety Plan for safety, security and preparedness for the district’s 33,000 students, plus the faculty and staff of its 41 campuses.

In the private sector John has supervised fleet maintenance of large truck fleets, off-road and other specialty equipment for derailments and railroad reconstruction.

Caldwell has also served almost thirty years as a volunteer fireman, serves in his church, as well as numerous civic organizations.

“This race may prove nearly as important as the governor’s race this year. Two of the three (North and Central Districts) transportation commissioners are stepping aside,” John Caldwell explained. “Experienced, conservative leadership will be important as we ready ourselves for economic expansion and job creation in Mississippi.”

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